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We have so many classmates from North High, but only a small amount has registered on the website.  Everyone has commented on their enthusiasm of having such a connection to old classmates.  Please spread the word to everyone to register before our connections are lost.  It has been a long road to set this website up and all the people that help keep it going are excited about it, but we need your help also.  Please send us any information, updates, obituaries and fun things your class is doing to stay connected.

Margie Moore (Newsletter Editor)  


If you would like to put an event (for any and all classes) in the Monthly Newsletter, please send it to Margie Ritter (Moore) 1967, Monthly News Administrator, at E-mail Margie.  MaryLou Hayward 1966, Monthly News editor, at E-mail MaryLou before the end of the month. We would like to have one website so all the classes can share their events and not miss out spending time with their classmates. Your event also will be posted on the Announncement Page. Please check this page often.


Our sincere condolences to family and friends of the following Vikings. They have been added to the Memorial page where you can also obtain more information.

APRIL 2020:

Deacon Clifton L. Moseley, Jr. (1961) April 14, 2020

JUNE 2020:

Ronald Clyde Green (1959) June 5, 2020

JULY 2020:

Terrence L. Cobb (1981) July 29, 2020

AUGUST 2020:

Josephine (Jo) Ann Parasilite (1942) August 1, 2020

Ruby Begonia "Babysister" Fair (1969) August 9, 2020

Mable V. Woods (1971) August 9, 2020  

Elaine C. (Lunieski) Schiavone (1959) August 12, 2020

Roger Dean Riddle August 20, 2020

Harriet Irene Cutler(1953) August 21, 2020

Jane Gracan (1934) August 22, 2020  

Thelma Marie (Palazzo) Kleinman (1953) August 22, 2020

Eugene "Gene" Kraszewski (1950) August 27, 2020



Nothing for this month...Stay safe


Class of 1966

Any questions, please contact Mary Lou Hayward at (330) 592-3900 or email


Class of 1968lass of 1966

Any questions, please contact John Steinbrunner email


Class of 1977

In June 1977, we started our lives' journeys down different roads.

Please contact Tamra J Junkin Dixon with any updates.

Join us on Facebook!  "Akron North High Vikings of 1977" There are quite a few of us in the group, lots of school pictures and conversation!  We are looking for YOU!


Class of 1998lAA

Any questions, please contact Raia Presto email